Kay’s Favorite Things For August 2018!

Ahhhh, your favorite blogger is finally 23! My Jordan year has arrived I have a feeling it is going to be a great one especially how it started. I celebrated my birthday the whole month. I even participated in Restaurant Week in NYC, which I will be writing about shortly! Let’s get into this months favorite events, purchases, and experiences!


I have always wanted this bag ever since I worked at the Rebecca Minkoff store a few years back. It was even on my Christmas Gift Guide in 2016! Yes, I know it is similar to the Chanel boy bag but I really loved the quilted design on this one. Also it is not the Chanel price, close but not quite. Recently, I have been into the cross body bags especially for going out to the club or bar. It is something chic but practical. If you will be moving around a lot  you will not be worried about someone trying to steal or stuff falling out of it.  It is the perfect size also not too big and not too small that you can not even fit your phone and wallet into it which usually happens with cross body bags. Luckily this birthday I received this amazing gift for my bag collection. It even had its own shelf in my closet where I can see it everyday. Rebecca Minkoff Chevron Quilted Love Crossbody $295


I have wanted to go to Mr. Chow’s ever since I heard in a rap song. Yes, this restaurant has been mentioned in rap songs. I went with my mom for a birthday dinner. The experience was AMAZING. It was super fancy and upscale and they had great customer service. They even surprised me with a slice of cake and sherbet. I got the lobster dumplings, the Ma Mignon (filet mignon), and bok choy.  The food was fantastic I will probably give this experience its own post very soon because a small paragraph does not do it justice! Mr. Chow has instantly became my favorite restaurant. Mr. Chow $$$$


Of course you are probably wondering, well what did you wear for your birthday? I purchased this dress a week before my birthday because my first choice did not exactly fit correctly. When I saw Daphne Joy with this dress on I instantly knew I wanted this dress for my birthday in white! White is one of my favorite colors and it gives that POW I needed.  The dress worked perfectly for the event and in the pictures. I cannot wait to wear it again for a different occasion. Fashion Nova Sugar Free Dress $32.99


This crop top is a simple one. For some reason I would put it in my cart then take it out and place it in favorites for later. Every time I see it I think of Mariah Carey’s Honey. It can be dressed up or dressed down depending what bottoms you part with it.  I have wore it to run errands and out to a restaurant, club , and bar. It has that versatility that I love. Fashion Nova Honey I’m Home Tee $14.99


Yes I know, I am about 20 years too late. People would always talk about how great this show is. Years ago when the movies came out people would be in awe. I never really got it. I just thought it was about a few girl friends hanging out wearing pretty clothes in NYC (pretty boring to me) I was looking for a series to watch and I thought maybe I should see what this show is about since it is Amazon Prime on the FireStick  and one of the actresses is running for governor. I have watched the whole series at least three times  along with the two movies that came after it. Whenever I just want to have background noise or something to watch I just put this on. My favorite character has to be Samantha., shes so carefree and real. I never though that the “slut” of the show would be my favorite. Miranda’s incidents are HILARIOUS. She has the funniest moments in the show. In fact, my favorite moments are when she is in her house choking on her Chinese food or when her baby’s bell button falls off and the cat goes and chases it. If you have never seen the show i highly recommend you go binge watch it. Let me know your favorite episode or favorite moments! Sex In The City

Til Next time!

-Kay ❤



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