Kay’s Favorite Things for May 2018!

May day! May day! Happy Cinco de Mayo! What are you all going to do to celebrate? Even though it is not truly a holiday in mexico it always feels good to have some Mexican food. This month’s list is EXTREMELY affordable. I hope you enjoy!

curvii-unicarton_800x1200.jpgI was so excited when this collection came out, especially because I watch ILUVSARAHII on YouTube all of the time. I was in the market for a clear/nude high gloss and Sarahii provided that with this color. It has a a bit of color with high gloss. Colourpop X ILUVSARAHII Curvii $6.00







atole_b_800x1200.jpgThis gloss is a great topper and great by itself. It is almost link pink gold or some may call it rose gold iridescent, It adds sparkle to any color. I even mix Curvii and Atole. Colourpop X ILUVSARAHII Atole $6.00







zb_p.jpgWhen I brought these I was definitely taking a risk. I was not used to voluminous dramatic lashes. I stayed in the natural looking lashes. Right now I can say these are my go to for going out and for taking pictures. They draw attention to my eyes. What I like is that you can actually see the flutter of the lash in pictures. Ardell Double Up 203 Lashes $5.29






I saw a center piece with oreos in a glass jar organized. That’s when I wanted to get Oreo cookies. I went to the store and looked for them and found out they were SEVEN dollars! I then  kept my eyes open for and alternative. I found it for HALF the piece, I can honestly say these taste exactly like Oreos. They are not like terrible off brand oreos. I used them for my counter center piece. So I accomplished both goals! 365 Everyday Value Chocolate Sandwich Cremes $3.00






Another find in Whole Foods! I had heard about this water before when it first came out but I just had never seen it in store. I thought it was another one of those things not available in New York but my local whole food had it. It is cool and refreshing. My favorite water is Fiji Water but Just Water is right up there with it. The container is so cool it is a rectangular cube made of recycled items. When you purchase the product you are also helping a whole community that the water comes from. Just Water $2.00




Til Next Time!



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