Kay’s Favorite Things for March 2018!

Happy April Fools Day and Happy Easter! Spring is finally here! This means one more season until my favorite time of year SUMMER! Is anyone else as excited as I am?  This month I purchased ALOT of new things. Some of the items I had been waiting on purchasing until they were back in stock which you will see down below. Like every other month,this month flew by extremely fast. It was just Valentine’s Day now high school children are planning for prom. Some items were purchased in February but I wanted to have enough time with each item to determine whether I really liked them or not. Here are my favorite things for March 2018!Fashion_Nova_12-08-17_Studio_2-604.jpg

I have been wanting a trench coat for over a year now and February I finally broke down and purchased one. I wanted the classic Burberry trench look. Since it is cold in New York City and it spontaneously snows I had not had a chance to wear the trench until March. I have loved every minute of it. The coat makes any look look high fashion but of course I did not pay the high fashion price.  I love pairing my coat with thigh high boots or a pair of Timberland boots to dress it down. Fashion Nova Lorette Jacket  $39.99






During the month of March I went to Philadelphia for a day. While there I made my usual stops: Reading Terminal Market, Five Below, Marshals etc. I have been on the search for a new highlight brush for my new Fenty Beauty Killawatt Highlight. Yes, I needed a  brush strictly for my  killawatt highlighter. You will see why in a few seconds. But while in the Marshals in Philadelphia I found this brush and thought it was perfect for a highlight brush. I do not see it being used as a foundation brush because it is way too small. It could maybe be a concealer brush. For highlighting it is great. I picks up a lot of product and distributes them evenly. I also got a HUGE deal. It was $3.99 at marshals but its regular price is $29. Japonesque Create Beauty Face Point Foundation Brush $29



As you all know Fenty Beauty has been a success. I already use the Pro’Filtr foundation religiously and I wanted something else from the company.  I did not want to try a lipstick because I rarely wear lipstick. What I do use regularly are highlighters and lip glosses. I had already heard how great her Killawatt highlighters were so I wanted to give it try. So I purchased the Bomb Baby set.  This set includes the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in the shade Hu$tlababy and the Glossbomb Universal Lip Luminizer in shade Fenty Glow. It basically gives you two miniature sized versions of the lip gloss and highlighter. So instead of spending $54 on the items separately you get to try them both for under $30. The highlighter and lip gloss are both AMAZING. The highlighter beams and is buildable.  The lip gloss gives a natural shine and can go great on any skin tone. You could also apply the lip gloss as a topper for any lipstick to make it glisten. My favorite combo is applying the highlighter in the middle of the lip then applying the gloss bomb over it.  Fenty Beauty Bomb Baby Mini Lip & Face Set $23

Take Me Back To Brazil - 35 Color Pressed Pigment Palette

I have been waiting FOREVER to get this palette. Every time I wanted to purchase the palette it was always out of stock. I decided to get on the email list that lets you know when the products comes back in stock.  One day I got the message that the palette was back in stock and I immediately called my local Ulta to ask them if they really had it back in stock. When I called they had ONE left.  In a matter of hours it was about to be sold out AGAIN! The lady put the palette on hold for me and I literally RAN to Ulta and got it. So shout out to the 86th street Ulta in New York City! I suggest everyone get this palette because it includes all the colors you could possibly need. It is like a painters set that includes all the paints he or she could ever need to paint anything. You get 35 VIBRANT pressed eye shadows. The colors in the palette are so pigmented! you can create ANY look your heart desires. I have used it in at least two of my YouTube tutorials already! BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Eye Shadow Palette $16


As you know I went to Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market. While there I went to Beiler’s Bakery! They have the best donuts. They are extremely fresh because they make the donuts right in front of you. My one of my favorite flavors from there is the maple bacon. You would think that a bacon donut would not be good but this donut had the right amount of sweet and salty put together. unfortunately I only got one bacon donut in the dozen next time I am there I will definitely get two. If you are ever in the Philadelphia area stop by there! Beiler’s Bakery 1 Donut $1.10




Til Next Time!

-Kay ❤

Be sure to check out my latest YouTube Video!

P.S. I used some products from my favorites in this video!



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