Kay’s Favorite Things for February 2018!

Wow this month went by so fast we are already in March, then again it was leap year! I hope you guys had a great Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year! Here are my faves for this month.


I got this mask instead of the famous Shills Purifying Black Mask that everyone has been talking about and showing their white heads on the back of.  It does pretty much the same thing. I got it at Marshals for 3.99! For reason the tag said compare at $5 but when you go on line its actually $24. So I got a HUGE deal. The first night I tried it, it hurt extremely BAD taking it off.  But you could see all of the dirt and oil on the back of it and my face extra smooth. You get used to pain of taking it off cause it no longer hurts me when peeling it off. After using it a few times I started to get this bump on my nose. So I looked up the product online and in the description it does say a mild irritation is expected. I would say this the only con. I am going to try the SHILLS one next and see if it does the same thing I will keep you guys posted! Spa Life Argan Oil & Charcoal Peel Off Black Mask $24


Everyone in the makeup community has been on a Makeup Revolution kick ever since they came out with their concealers that are apparently better than Tarte’s Shape Tape. I cannot wait to try that but I cannot get my hands on them yet because they are SOLD OUT! This month I did purchase some of their eye shadow palettes. They are EXTREMELY affordable! In this palette you get 32 very pigmented eye shadow shades. You can create so many different looks with them from everyday to fancy night outs. The shades even have names! I love a palette where the individual shades have shade names. So that when someone asks you about what color that is on your eyes you can tell them exactly what it is. I just wish that the shade names were actually printed on the palette and not the film paper that separates the shadow from the mirror. Makeup Revolution London Flawless 4 Palette $15


You would have to be living under a rock or living in some remote island if you have not heard a song from this album.  Migos became super popular with their single Bad and Boujee off of their last album, Culture last year. They have done again with this album. It is filled with on the go get things done songs. I usually listen to it on the way to work or while cleaning. My favorite tracks so far off of the album are Stir Fry (which is the first single off of the album), Narcos, Movin’ Fast, and Superstar. If you have not heard it yet I would definitely go listen to it. Spotify even gave them a whole presentation. I would go check it out! Culture II By Migos $11.99 (on Itunes)


Another Makeup Revolution London product. This palette is smaller than the Flawless 4 palette. It still is as versatile as the Flawless 4. I got this palette cause I saw it was a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette.  The palette is filled with pinks, shimmers, mauve shades, nudes, and browns. My favorite shades to use are the shimmers.  You just apply the shimmer with a spritz of some Mario Badescu on top of any shade and it just makes your eye shadow pop! Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Redemption Eye shadow Palette $7

I brought this at TJMaxx. I needed a new set to record my Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial. In the set you get an angled shadow brush, an eye contour brush, under eye perfector, and an eye shadow blender brush. The angled shadow brush really helped with contouring the eyelid crease. I received four brushes for FIVE dollars! When I first used these brushes they picked up so much product! I was shocked that such a cheap product had such great quality. La Soie Eye Essentials 4 Piece Set $4.99

Til Next Time!

-Kay ❤

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