Kay’s Favorite Things for November & December 2017!

The year is officially coming to the end. If you have not noticed I have combined November and December’s  favorite products  into one post. November I felt like I was purchasing all these items to be used in December or because of BLACK FRIDAY I did not get to utilize the items til December.  So as we wrap up the year here are my favorite things from November and December 2017!

These were a Christmas gift. Thank parents! I first saw them on Chris Brown during an interview he did while doing press for his album Heart Break on a Full Moon. I have wanted them ever since.  The are EXTREMELY white and you need to be careful while wearing them. Since white is one of my favorite colors and no one has ever seen white Timberland boots before, I had to have them. They go with anything and make a MAJOR statement. Timberland  Premium Limited Edition White 6 inch  Boots  $190

The new thing besides wireless headphones are wireless speakers. They are so helpful. I no longer have to blast music from my TV. You can take the speaker anywhere and lasts a long time without a charge. It is even WATERPROOF. JBL Charge 3 $149.95

I really wanted some ripped medium washed jeans. I brought this during  Fashion Nova’s Black Friday sale. I could not wait to receive them. I think I will wear them on New Years with my new timberland boots! Fashion Nova Bagley High Rise Distressed Jeans $27.99

Along with the ripped jeans I also wanted light plain jeans that I could wear with anything. These are good dupes for American Apparel’s Easy Jean. Fashion Nova makes AMAZING fitting and affordable jeans. Fashion Nova Marilyn High Waisted Skinny Jeans $19.99

I absolutely loved this exhibit I wanted to go back but I did not have enough time to go back. The exhibit is definitely worth going at least twice if you can. You get to walk through time through the brand’s evolution. I had such a good time I even wrote a whole in-depth post of the exhibit. Make sure you go check it out! Louis Vuitton Exhibit FREE

Happy New Years! Until next time!




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