My Trip to Louis Vuitton’s Volez, Voguez, Voyagez

IMG_4677.JPGHey guys! So, last weekend I went to Louis Vuitton’s Volez, Voguez, Voyagez exhibit at the New York Stock Exchange building.  When you first get there if you have reserved a time to go through the exhibit online you hand in your reservation for them to scan. You  then go down a long hall way for the first photo opp which was a train stop that says Louis Vuitton, symbolizing the fact that we are in New York. It was free entry. You basically go through two floors with about eight huge rooms featuring of course Louis Vuitton items along with some other pieces from other designers.

It starts off with of course Louis Vuitton himself who was a box maker.IMG_4806 He started off by making trunks made mostly of wood. Here is what one the first ones looked like. Yes, I know very different from the monogram pattern that we are all used to. The rooms progressed through the times and modes of travel. We went from boats,  automobiles, airplanes, and then to of course train.  Each mode of transportation showed how Louis Vuitton adapted to the newest innovation.  With the rise of traveling by boat in the early 1910’s Louis Vuitton debuted the Steamer Bag which was the precursor of the gym bag. LRG_DSC03562.JPEGWith the invention of the automobile  Louis Vuitton created the Morocco bag which would become today’s handbag.  Then came the airplane and Louis Vuitton’s twin grandsons Jean and Pierre started creating lightweight luggage.  LRG_DSC03565.JPEGWe then come to the train. Other designers were creating  neutral toned clothing. Louis Vuitton  had the Cabin trunk, garment bags, night bags,  the Square mouth and the Gladstone travel bags. They continued to create trunk for LRG_DSC03567specific things. They had a trunk made for artist to carry their art  As you can see here they had trunk for writers where they could keep their type writer in










After seeing the progression of the newest innovations they showed pieces that were actuLRG_DSC03578.JPEGally  owned by celebrities this piece was owned by Elizabeth Taylor.  The room was filed with dresses, suits, luggage, and purses from celebrities in the 1900s.










After the room featuring the trunks for the stars you come to a small room called Exquisite Bottles. This room features all of Louis Vuitton’s perfume bottles .They even showed their sketch designs for their perfume bottles. This one shows a baby sitting down.  In the first picture you can see the sketch of it and the second picture is what the finish product looked like.

Towards the end you come into this big room with a huge television showing celebrities today wearing Louis Vuitton on the red carpet. Around the room they have the actual outfits they were wearing on display. LRG_DSC03588.JPEGThe last room is Louis Vuitton’s collaborations. Of course they had their most recent one with Supreme which features a trunk for your skateboard. As you leave you can sign a book  (showing that were here) and receive a Louis Vuitton pin.



This exhibit was great! Definitely will be on my faves list for November. I learned a lot I did not know that the brand started trunks. The exhibit made me want to purchase a Louis Vuitton item. It used to be a brand I did not care much for, maybe because everyone wants a Louis bag and in New York City you always see the Louis Vuitton tote bags but seeing the exhibit and variety of bags, trunks, and clothing I now want to invest in a Louis Vuitton product. I suggest if you live in the NYC area go check it out. Remember it is free, they have amazing back drops to take glamorous selfies, and gives you the opportunity to learn more about the brand. The exhibit will be at the New York Stock Exchange building until January 7th, 2018. Til next time!






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