Kay’s Favorite Things for August 2017!

So my birthday month has come and gone. Unfortunately Summer 2017 is winding down with one week left. I know this list is a little late but there were so many things to put on here. I worked Adidas Wanderlust last Sunday. I helped out with breaking the Guinness World Record of Most People Doing Yoga in Pairs. I was also super excited about Rihanna’s FENTY BEAUTY collection release which I am going to be purchasing and from the reviews I think it will be on next months favorites. So let me not be another second late, here are my favorites for the month of August!


I was a little weary about these headphones because they have completely no strings or wires that keep them together. I was wondering how would you keep up with them.  My father gave them  to me as a birthday gift. Apple had it all figured out you store them in a charging case once you are done listening to them. I love them because they are so sleek and cancel out background noise. Apple Airpods $159




Guys I think I may have found a drink that tops my Caramel Frappe at Starbucks! It is the brand new Cinnamon Horchatta Frappe! I tried it for the first time at the beginning of August and I have yet to go back to my usual Extra Caramel Caramel Frappe. This frappe is made with Almond milk so it is not as heavy and not as unhealthy as the regular caramel frappe. Now that we are now in the Fall season the hint of cinnamon takes this drink over the edge and gets you in the feeling of Autumn. Try this drink next time you are in a Starbucks! Starbucks Cinnamon Horchata Frappe $5.65



This product has become part of my everyday makeup routine. It makes my face more defined than it already is, which is HARD to do. If you are looking for those extra SHARP cheekbones I would definitely purchase this. It is on the list of dupes for the KKW Contour Sticks. So if you do not want to spend the $50 on KKW then I would definitely try this. Wet N’ Wild MegaGlo Dual-Ended Contour Stick $4.99



When I first heard this song I LOVED it immediately. My friends got annoyed with me playing it and sharing it multiple times on my social media. It is a remake/ remix of Kevin Lyttle’s Turn Me On which was already a classic. Chris Brown’s twist just adds umph to it. I just wish it came out in the beginning of the summer. It is definitely a summer song it would  have gotten more play. I would be up on the charts with Bodak Yellow and Wild Thoughts.  Even though summer is now over still go listen to this song to get you back into the summer vibe! Questions by Chris Brown $1.29 (from Itunes)

I got this the last day in Alabama on my way back to New York. This happened a month ago and I have been thinking about it ever since. I am trying to find it in New York but I have not had any luck. It is probably the best trail mix I have ever had. If you like caramel and salt definitely go purchase this! Heartland Harvest Salted Caramel Flavored Trail Mix $1.00

IMG_7255 Tinas Burritos-X2.jpg

This fave you can find in the frozen section of your supermarket. I first got them because they were on sale for two for a dollar which is only FIFTY CENTS! So I gave it a try and I have been eating them ever since. Regular price they are less than a dollar.  They coem in multiple flavors but my favorite is the Spicy  It is good for when you are on the go. You just put them in the microwave for a minute and you are on your way! Tina’s Burritos $.60


I have been watching this show nonstop for the past month. I know it is an old show but Netflix recently picked it up. So my friends have been watching it and then they told me to watch it. Every episode leaves me on edge I wondering what is going to happen next. If you have never seen this show I would definitely go take a look at it. Prison Break





Til Next Time! -Kay


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