Kay’s Favorite Things for July 2017!

Hey guys! Yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I am back from vacation in which I had an amazing time. I celebrated my birthday yesterday up in Dyckman, NYC at Mamajuanas. That was so much fun. Now it is back to this! Since these last few weeks have been so action packed of course I have ALOT of favorites for this month and here they are.


So while on vacation my cousin had this AMAZING cologne. It is dupe for Abercrombie & Fitch’s Fierce. I never knew that Fierce could ever be duped but Bath & Body Works has accomplished it! I think it is currently discontinued but you can purchase it on Amazon. Bath & Body Works Whitewater Rush Men’s Cologne $31.99







Yes this is another one of my cousin’s properties and yes this is another Bath & Body Works product. Who knew they made such great smelling products and they are inexpensive? This fragrance is a bit sweeter than  whitewater. I would definitely recommend guys wear this at night, going to the club or out to eat, etc. . It has a dark vibe to it.  Bath & Body Works Noir Men’s Cologne $34.50





Now this is a bundle of Bath & Body Works.  My aunt gave me this and I love each and every product in this collection. The scent blends so well with my other products that I utilize either once I get out of the shower or before I go out. It has a calm vibe.  I have the lotion, body spray and hand sanitizer. I just finished the lotion last night. I will definitely look into purchasing another one.  Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Collection Lotion $12.50, Fine fragrance $14.00





So I never quite got the point of setting spray. My makeup never really slid anywhere or gets messed up throughout the day. It is to the point where people ask, wow how does your makeup stay perfect all day even though you are sweating?  When it came to setting sprays I thought that how is this mist that may not even cover your whole face supposed to keep all of your makeup intact? This spray proved me wrong. I was looking into a spray that I can try to see whether there was a big difference without spending a lot of money. Of course the classic Urban Decay All Nighter came to mind I just  did not want to spend the money. Then I saw on YouTube that Maybelline had one so I went and purchased it.  I now realize why people have setting spray. It adds like a huge boost to your makeup. It makes your skin look like a MANNEQUIN. The first night I wore it I went to a hot sweaty club and spent the night at my friend’s house afterward and the next morning my face looked as if I had just applied makeup! This is definitely a MUST HAVE! Maybelline Face Studio MasterFix Wear-Boosting Setting Spray $10


I have waited so long to get my  hands on this highlighter. When I went to Selma, AL’s Walmart I FOUND IT! Yes, all the way in ALABAMA I found this highlighter. I can definitely see why beauty gurus rave about this highlighter. Wet N’ Wild is definitely the king of drugstore highlighters. It is blinding and super smooth! This highlighter deserves its own post, which is coming in the near future. Wet n’ Wild has come out with other highlighters that I hope I can get my hands on quicker than this classic one. Wet N’ Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder $ 4.99



So I was not very fond of Cardi B. I found her quite annoying and just added to the dumbing down of America. I saw her on the Wendy Show singing this song and I instantly liked the song. Since this event the song has BOOMED! At Mamajuanas last night they played a total of five times and probably more than because I left the club before it ended. Akademiks from Complex’s Everyday Struggle called this song, the song of the summer and I think he may have been on to something! Bodak Yellow By Cardi B $1.29 (from Itunes)


Til next time!

-Kay ❤


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