Kay’s Favorite Things for June 2017!

Hey guys! Yes, yes I know I have been M.I.A lately, but I am back with whole new list of my June favorites! This list has been particularly hard to make this month because even though it was an eventful month in the makeup world, with the launch of KKW Beauty’s Contour Kits and Jaclyn Hill’s Morphe Palette, I did not buy many items. Of the items I did buy not many of them stood out to me. Here are the few that did!


Mauve is always a great color to fall back on. If you are not too much of a fan of pink. Mauve adds a drop of purple so you do not feel so BRIGHT.  Button up dresses have been trending for now two summers. I have been waiting to get my hands on a button up dress but I wanted one that did not look extremely cheap. Fashion Nova granted my wish. The fabric is heavy and smooths out everything so if you are not wearing the xorrect underwear it is perfectly fine.  Fashion Nova Vintage Jams Dress in Mauve $34.99


I have worn this top many times since receiving it. This top doubles as a sports bra and crop top. It can be dressed up or dressed down, and worn by itself which is my favorite. I like to wear a nude bra under but it can also be worn comfortably without anything under. Fashion Nova Lace-Up Runner Up Top in Ivory $14.99



You know I have an endless BATTLE with nail polish! I have one that I  found myself using quite a bit last month. I was looking at Snapchat as usual during my morning routine and found out this was the MOST purchased nail polish! So I wanted to see what all of the hype about. It was just nail polish and so why not try it. It is the perfect NUDE for me. It is nude with a slight pink tinge. So if it chips (which happens ALOT) you can barely notice it. It makes your nail look like you got them done by professionals I will definitely purchase this again. Essie’s  Nail Polish in Topless & Barefoot  $9


Last month Colourpop had a deal for its third birthday! When you purchased two shadows you would get their birthday shadow for free! This has become an instant favorite of mine. I would not use it by itself it is an amazing topper for your shadow. It adds a pink glitter to your shadow and blends extremely well. It is great if you are going for that wet eyelid look. Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadow in Birthday Cake $5 or free with a purchase

I am sure this month I will have more favorites because I am going on vacation! Til next time!



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