Kay’s Favorite Things for May 2017!

Hey guys! I hope April showers brought you May flowers, here are some of mine! These my favorite things for May 2017!


As you saw in my Pearlized lip and Memorial Day posts I have been using Laura Mercier’s translucent powder and I am completely satisfied. I have been using it every time I apply makeup to set my concealer and foundation. I do not see myself going back to the setting powders I have used in the past. When you put the powder on, it stays for hours! I have even taken a nap with it on and my makeup has stayed in tact! I definitely recommend spending the $40 on it, you will not be disappointed. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder $38


This one is way over do. I got these chokers about a month or two ago, as a gift from my mother. I have worn them very often. They are so dainty and pretty much go with everything. You can wear all three together or apart. You can even mismatch them with other chokers you may have in your collection. BP. Set of Three Chokers from Nordstrom $25


I am always trying new things. Youtuber Laura Lee had this foundation on her list of best full coverage foundations. Once I saw that it was affordable and she said it is even better than some higher end products that day I went out and purchased it. This foundation gives you barbie doll skin! She was completely right, if you want that Instagram SLAY use this. If you have not noticed I have been using this in my last few makeup looks. If you are looking for full coverage and light weight go out and get this RIGHT NOW! Milani 2-in-1 Foundation & Concealer $9


So at this point I have given up on ALL nail polish. They never last. They might last a day or 12 hours but then they start chipping or peeling off. They peel off all the time in the shower and the polish I use are some high end brands like, Essie and O.P.I.. I noticed all the makeup gurus wear false nails. I now know why. I did not want super long nails wear I cannot do my every day things or text. So, I went to the drug store and brought these short ones. They are about the same length as my natural nails. They look like I just got a manicure on my own nails. They last roughly two to four days which is a big jump from having to reapply polish everyday sometimes twice a day. I definitely will be sticking to these from now on. Kiss Gel Fantasy Ready-To- Wear Gel Nails $8


I have always wanted to try mink lashes just once to see what the big deal was. I was not to fond of putting animal fur on the eyes or skinning them just to wear them as lashes. I found a way to try them without harming them, Kiss’ Lash Couture! Yes, another Kiss product. Kiss has been on a roll this month! This time it is their faux mink lashes. At first I was effy about them because the band that holds the lash is so thick. After you get hang of applying them then you are set with bold voluminous lashes. I have a set for everyday wear and night outs. I definitely recommend these, especially to go with those smokey eye looks.  Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection Lashes (in the style Gala) $6


So last weekend I went to Five Guys for the first time in months. My mother and I went because according to Snapchat Five Guys was voted America’s Favorite burger chain. YES, over In-N-Out and my personal favorite Shake Shack. We just wanted to try the burger again to see what the hype was about. The burger was good but i just like Shake Shack better. This should have its own post, maybe next week. The milkshake was AMAZING. I will definitely be going back for the shake. I got the Vanilla shake with strawberry topping. You can how many toppings you want but I just wanted strawberry. It did not disappoint. Five Guys Burger Vanilla Milkshake with Strawberry $5.46


So this item has its own post. I told you these are now my new go to. I just remove my makeup with one wipe then use my usual facial cleanser to remove any that might still be on my face. These wipes even tackle my most stubborn black eyeliner. Guys guess what! I found them cheaper than the $7-$9 at most drug stores. I found them for $5 at Harmon’s. Now that the price has come down I will be sticking to them for sure unless I find something even better.  Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes at Harmon’s $4.99

Happy Donut Day! Til next time!

-Kay ❤

IMG_3150.JPGJust some Snapchat Fun!IMG_3177.JPG





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