TonyMoly I’m REAL!

IMG_3006.JPGHey guys! As you all know I am on this new skin care kick. This week I tried something NEW! Way back in December I told you in Christmas Gift Guide Women’s Edition about Korea’s booming SKIN CARE market. I finally got my hands on a Korean beauty product. It is the Tony Moly I’m Real Rice Mask Sheet. I had no idea how popular this mask was. My mom found them shopping with her friend in Marshals and she brought some for us to try! Each pack comes with one moist mask. At marshals they were around $1.50. I have looked around on the internet and have seen them for a bit more. Ulta has them for $3.75! I have even found out TonyMoly has its own store here in New York City. I have to go and visit to see how the pricing is there and also see their other products.

So, how did the product do? GREAT! I have no idea what the back of the packaging says because I cannot read Korean. They do have directions on the back in English about how to apply the mask but the rest is in Korean. I just know that  the product WORKS! It leave your skin feeling so soft and hydrated.  I have not gotten any bumps from using it and my skin is CRYSTAL CLEAR. I have already purchased a few more masks and WILL be using them. I am not exactly sure how many times a week I am supposed to apply the mask. I do not know if I can use it daily. If I could I WOULD! Let me know if you have tried them and how your experience went and some of your favorite masks to use! Til next time!

-Kay ❤

IMG_3034.JPG Just Some Snapchat fun!






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