Trip to Burger & Lobster


IMG_2755.JPGHey guys! So if you follow me on SnapChat you would know that last week Tuesday I went to Burger & Lobster! I have been trying to this place for a long time. What is so special about this place is that you can either get a lobster for $20 or a burger for $20. The menu is easy and simple. Usually in New York City lobster is WELL over $20, it is over $30 at the local Red Lobster. So this is basically a FOOD STEAL! They do have food options over $20, the burgers and lobsters are just bigger. They also have options cheaper than $20.

My mom and I went during the afternoon (around 1pm) to avoid crowds because it is a popular restaurant. Surprisingly it was pretty empty. There were a few people at the different booths spread out. The restaurant itself is a very open wide space with red booths and wood chairs. When you first come in you see the tank with the different lobsters and then you see the waitress waiting to seat you. We were seated immediately, no wait at all. My mom and I already knew what we wanted so we ordered quickly. The food took about twenty minutes to come. The people next us who came after us got their order first but that was simply because my mom ordered the burger and that tends to take longer.

FullSizeRender (19).jpg

THE FOOD IS HERE! So I ordered the $20 1Lb steamed lobster (MY FAVE). You have a choice of grilled lobster or steamed. I stuck to what I know STEAMED.  They also give you a choice of butter (either regular or lemon garlic). I ordered the lemon garlic butter. The lobster and the burger both came with fries and a salad.  The salad was delicious and the fries tasted EXACTLY like McDonald’s fries. The fries tasting McDonald’s fries can be a good thing or a bad thing. Since this is not a fast food restaurant some can think of this as a bad thing. For me it was a good thing because I DO NOT eat at McDonald’s but I did miss their fries.  McDonald’s fries are iconic! I am also not a fan of thick restaurant fries where someone has just cut potatoes, threw them in frying oil, and put salt on them. Aside from truffle fries at other restaurants I think these were the best.  The lobster was also good but nothing to it, then again what do you look for in whole steamed lobster? Unless the lobster is smothered in seasonings there’s nothing really to it, but this lobster was still delicious. FullSizeRender (21).jpgFullSizeRender (20).jpg
My mom said the burger was good but was not the best burger she ever had. She also said the same thing about how the fries tasted like McDonald’s fries. Overall a good experience the customer service was good and everything ran smoothly. I definitely will be going back here. It is definitely a good place to go if you want to splurge on your lunch. It is not exactly fine dinning but it is definitely NOT your fast food restaurant. I would like to see how it is in the evening hours. Next time I might get the burger but then again I think I will stick to my lobster.  Let me know if you guys go and what you think! I will definitely try the grilled lobster.  Til next time!

-Kay ❤





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