Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Blended Creme

FullSizeRender (18).jpg

Hey guys! Today was the debut of the Starbucks Unicorn Frappe! Of course I had to go and try it. I do not know exactly why the unicorn theme has been trending lately but it seems to be everywhere. Now we have it in a DRINK!

Like the Rainbow Bagel (see post) the drink is very appealing to the eye. I was wondering if it would be just as good as it looked. Starbucks describes the drink as sweet and fruity and when you stir it it turns color! I was looking forward to that.


So today after work I went and purchased the drink. The barista told me how popular the drink was on its first day. It was a little before 5pm and they had sold around 200 units. I ordered my drink once it was made I immediately took a picture of it.  I wanted to make sure I got its original look and color, since it is color changing. It was so pretty. It looks exactly like the picture. The unicorn colors were nailed perfectly all the way up to the WHIP CREAM! I compared it to the unicorn emolji which I just found today!

IMG_2731.JPGNow for taste. It reminded me of sherbet. If you like sherbet then this is the drink for you. It tasted like mango and mixed fruit sherbet. The mango flavor is predominant. Mango in fact one of the flavors that they put in it. I just did not know it would be so noticeable. So it is like a mango frappe with a smoothie consistency. It tastes as sweet as it looks. Children would have a ball with this creme frappe. If you were wondering if it includes a coffee flavor like all of the other frappuccinos, the answer is no. This is strictly a fruity drink. Did it change color? Yes, it did it got slightly lighter as I kept drinking it a twirling my straw around in it. Would I get it again? I would have to really crave the taste of it. It would not be a regular for me. Good taste but not one of my Starbucks go tos.  I would suggest that everyone tries it at least once just to get the taste of it. It is very  much like a one and done sort of thing and I think Starbucks knows that, hence why the only have it available for a couple of days. The drink will only be available  up until April 23 so try it when you can! Let me know what you think. Til next time!

-Kay ❤


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