Kay’s Favorite Things for March 2017!

Hey guys! This month has been pretty much a lull (I mean lull as in uneventful like no huge holidays and special occasions it did go by pretty fast) but I feel like March is always a lull. I do not know why. Maybe, because its marks the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring and I am just awaiting for Summer and the heat. While the beginning half of the month seemed uneventful and boring I would say the last week was CRAZY! New products debuted, new MUSIC, and it seemed like I purchased more items towards the end  of the month. I will not talk about those items just yet because I want to sit with them and find out my real opinions on them.  First impressions can be deceiving. So I decided to just speak on products that I have had for at least a few weeks and really enjoyed. I know next month’s favorites list is going to be pretty extravagant!

DSC_1122_1024x1024.jpg DSC_1120_1024x1024.jpg

So my favorite candle company has put out a new collection! It is the DW Home Signature Ombre Collection. All of the candles have a super matte ombre design on the outside of them with a copper top. The designs are not glossy like the regular signature collection. The smells are equally amazing though. I have smelled the whole collection and these two are my favorite! They are so sweet, calm, somber, and great for the Spring and Summer seasons.  DW Home Hand Poured Scented Candle in the fragrance Paper White Vanilla (large double wick $18) DW Home Hand Poured  Scented Candle in the fragrance Coconut Milk Honey (medium single wick $14)

Phone Case


This highly anticipated album literally gave me MORE life. Every song except for maybe two songs was GREAT! It has good dancing club music along with good rap music. Which of course it  has to because Drake is in fact a rapper. I think we lost sight of that with the amount of “singing” he does. It was a good to have the Drake I used to really like back. I love this album as much as I loved his first few albums: So far Gone and Thank Me Later. The last few were either okay or lack luster but do not get me wrong they had some hits on them. This is the first in a while that I have liked nearly every song.  I could go on and on about this let me know if you would like me to do a separate post on this topic. More Life by Drake at Itunes $10.99


I used to not like Starbuck’s caramel macchiatos. I was not really sure why I did not like it maybe because to me it just tasted like strong coffee with foam milk. One day it was one of my specials where I could get bonus stars if I purchased one. I wanted the bonus stars so I could get my free reward! I asked my barista what were the different types of macchiatos and they did not seem appetizing. I love caramel and my usual barista knows this so she just suggested it with extra caramel. Surprisingly it made a WORLD difference. I now have a drink of choice and its Starbucks Caramel Macchiato with EXTRA caramel $5.79

Tremaine 1.jpg

Trey Songz got everyone nervous (even ME) when he announced he was doing a reality show. Turns out it was not actually a reality show, it was a group of MUSIC videos that satirize reality shows. Every week he would release a new single with a new “episode”(music video). When he came out the second week with this song I was SOLD.  I realized that Trey Songz was back. Like Drake, his last album was a little lack luster. This song got me listening. I downloaded his whole album when it came out on the 24th. I need a little bit more time with it to have my final opinion. Hopefully it will be on next month’s Kay’s favorites list. In the mean time go listen to Song Goes Off by Trey Songz  at Itunes $1.29

Til next time!



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