My Trip to the Bagel Store

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Hey guys! So yesterday I went to the Bagel Store down in Brooklyn, NY. I had been seeing all these pictures on Instagram of these colorful bagels. Then one of my friends went, she told me how good it was, and that I needed to go. So I went online looked up the nearest location. They did not have one in Manhattan which is unfortunate, if they ever decide to open one here it would probably be a SUCCESS! The colors are so vibrant and very appealing to the eye. I was just hoping its taste matched its beauty.

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So I went with my mom down to the Brooklyn location. We took the two train to 14th street, transferred to the L, and took that to Graham avenue. The store was just steps away from the train which was pretty easy we did not have to walk around to find the place. Once we got there, I ordered the Rainbow bagel with Confetti cream cheese (cream cheese with sprinkles mixed in). The rainbow bagel itself is 3.95 along with the confetti cream cheese it came out to about 6.70 then you have to add tax. The have a variety of different types of bagel

It tasted just as amazing as it looks! I thought it was well worth the $7 until my mother told me to just taste the bread by itself. The bread tasted like a regular plain bagel. Together with the appeal and the confetti cream cheese made me love this bagel. I would definitely go back for it. ATTENTION: this is not a bagel to eat on the go. Us, New Yorkers love to eat everything on the go. This is a sit down and appreciate each bite type of bagel. They give you a grand amount of the confetti cheese which comes spilling out in every bite. If you are a bread connoisseur then you probably will think the bagel is dull, lack luster, and not worth the seven dollars. Everyone has to try this bagel at least once in their life. To me, the sweet cream cheese and the colors made this perfect sweet treat. I cannot wait to go back and try the Zombie Bloody Strawberry Flavor bagel. Til next time!

-Kay ❤

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