Kay’s Favorite Things for January 2017!

The first Kay’s Favorite Things of the NEW YEAR! I hope you guys new year has been going great. I can not believe that it has already been a month into 2017! Here are my first favorite things for the month of January 2017!

220px-President_Barack_Obama.jpg IMG_1895.JPG

This month we had to say goodbye to our president Obama! Such a sad moment. From installing Obamacare to capturing Osama Bin Laden he speaks for himself about why he is on this list. GOODBYE BIRTHDAY BUDDY! Yes, we have the same birthday. Obama PRICELESS

imgres.jpg fullsizerender-2 fullsizerender-1

I have wanted this camera ever since I found out that it is the same camera that the biggest Youtubers and Instagram stars utilize. I finally got it for Christmas, from my dad and I have been OBSESSED! It is an amazing camera the pictures are very high quality. They look like they came straight out of a magazine. Sony Alpha 5000 20.1 MP Mirrorless Camera $499.99

unnamed-12_b73b257a-5efc-4f1e-a6a9-c81e5dcf9444_large.jpg FullSizeRender (12).jpg

This is another item I have been waiting to get my hands on. I used to see different people on Instagram with this phone case in different colors. In my head I would put together different outfits to go along with the case. My mother got me it for Christmas. It is so soft, unique, and stylish. My fur phone case matches with all of my other fur items that happen to be WHITE! Velvet Caviar Fur Phone Case $29.99

62a375ec1bb29882f2485344d5087465.jpg FullSizeRender (11).jpg

So we are deep into the winter season and my nails have been taking a beating! One day one of my longest and strongest nails just broke. I noticed that ever since I stopped wearing nail polish my nails have become weak and damaged. One day I just went to the closet to put a nail polish on and I selected this one because it was an interesting color. I was running out of my L’oreal Paris Top Coat (which was featured on last month’s favorites list) so I just put it on without a top coat. I thought it was not going to last long because nail polish without a top coat usually just lasts me a day and then it becomes chipped and I end up taking it off. This one lasted a week without a top coat! it is the only one in my extensive nail polish collection that lasts that LONG! Until I get new top coat this is the color that I am sticking to. Mary K Nail Lacquer in Sweet Lilac (this came in a gift bag from my mother’s job so I do not have a price for you, sorry).


This was another Christmas gift! it is from Colourpop’s holiday collection. I love using it! It works by itself and on top ANY color. It gives any lip gloss or lipstick a glittery shine. In the above picture I am wearing it by itself as you can see it is almost like a glittery clear gloss but it has slight\faint pink tone. I have even featured it in my Valentine’s day look and ordered a new one ALREADY! Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip in Nonsense $6.00


Yes, I am still using this (see previous post)! Earlier this month I went down to Alabama for my cousin’s Sweet 16 and while I was there I purchased it to take the place of my banana powder. It worked perfectly! Wet N’ Wild Coverall Pressed Powder $1.50/ $2.93 on the Walmart website.


This water is so good. I might even put it above my all time favorite Fiji water. This was another Alabama find. I even love the actual bottle and how it makes you drink a whole liter of water. I did not see any smaller sizes when I was there. I do not think they sell this here in New York City but I will be on the look out. Since getting this bottle of water I have been drinking two liters of water a day! Aqualibrium Water 1Liter $1.50


I LOVE this song, I am currently listening to it. One of my closest friends showed me the song and I did not really like it but I found myself SINGING IT. It is so catchy. Then Childish Gambino thanked Migos in his Golden Globe speech so then I went to youtube and finally watched the video and began liking it. On my trip in Alabama me and cousin were BUMPING it nonstop. It soon became our song. Now I listen to it everyday going to and from work. Migos Bad & Boujee $1.29 at Itunes

Anticipation 3.jpg

I was awaiting this mixtape. It was exclusively released in New York. I loved Anticipation I, II, and the ones in between. This one did not disappoint. I listen to the whole mixtape without skipping a song. Trey Songz Anticipation III Mixtape


This was an AMAZING mini series. I watched every part at least twice, once by myself and again with my mother. It was well put together probably because the members were apart of every moment when making it. I am pretty sure they will be showing reruns if you missed it! I will definitely be watching. The New Edition Story.

Til Next time!

-Kay ❤


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