New Wet N’ Wild Discovery!

Hey guys! So at this very moment I am on my way back home to New York from Alabama! While in Alabama I always go to Walmart! When you never go to Walmart and do not have one in your area you really appreciate going. I knew they had a huge makeup section but I wanted to specifically go there for Wet N’ Wild’s MegaGlo Highlighting Powder. When I got there the shelf was empty. So I just browsed the rest of the Wet N’ Wild section.


I remembered that I was running out of Ben Nye Banana Powder and I needed it for that night for my cousin’s Sweet 16 to set my under eyes. I was just going to use the last of it but then I came across the Wet N’ Wild Coverall Pressed Powder in 824B Light/Medium. It was similar to the same shade as the Banana powder. I wanted it to be a little lighter than my actual shade, to also highlight my under eye. I said why not try it I would only be out about two dollars if it did not work. I got that, a pair of eyelashes, and some Reese’s.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

On the Walmart website the pressed powder is $3.25 before shipping. As you can see on the receipt it cost 1.50 which is EXTREMELY CHEAP! I am not sure why it is cheaper to purchase it in store but I guess I know for future reference. I also noticed that my shade was the most expensive shade. I do not know why some shades cost more than others. The lighter shades were $2.97 online. Maybe they know that it is close Ben Nye Powder and a lot of people are going to try to find a doup of it.

How did it do? It worked amazingly. I applied it exactly like how I apply the Ben Nye powder, with a beauty blender sponge. I went over my concealer with it. I baked it for about 5 minutes as usual and then wiped the access off with a powder brush. I think if I would have left it on for too long I may have gotten that ghostly look, which you do not want. A little goes a long way. My makeup stayed in place ALL NIGHT. There was no creasing what so ever. When I got back from the party it looked like when I just did my makeup. I might even go as far to say it might be better than Ben Nye I need to try them side by side. It is EXTREMELY MATTE. If you do not want matte under eyes then do not purchase it. Once your skin’s oils mixes with it you get a happy medium. If you already have dry skin do not use this. It is definitely a good product to use when you do not want to spend the $20 on the Ben Nye Banana Powder. See this product used here! If you have a Walmart in your area try it out, let me know what you think! Til next time!

-Kay ❤

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