Jeffree Star Reviewed My Favorite Everyday Highlighter!

Hey guys! So I have discovered a new makeup artist, well not discovered more like became more interested in. I have always known about Jeffree Star I just never really paid close attention to him like I do Carli  Bybel or Melly Sanchez. I first heard of him when he came out with his cosmetics line. I know I watched one of his videos maybe a few months ago but that was pretty much it. I came back to him when I saw my mom watching another man doing makeup and I instantly remembered seeing another guy doing makeup on himself (Jeffree Star).

When I went on YouTube to show my mom this was the first video that came up! He compares (a highlighter that I literally use EVERY TIME I put on makeup) the E.L F Baked Highlighter to the Clé De Peau Luminizing Face Enhancer. He finds that my highlighter, the $4 E.L.F. highlighter is way better than the expensive $95 Clé De Peau Luminizing Face Enhancer.

I usually apply the E.L.F. Highlighter with a fan brush but ever since seeing this video I use a packing-highlighting brush. He is totally right it goes on a lot smoother and I do not have to keep going over my cheek bones multiple times like when I use the fan brush. You also get a brighter highlight.

This video goes to show, just because you pay more for something that does not mean you are getting better product. I wonder why this product costs so much. It probably just comes down to paying for the name. Luxury does not equal quality! Til next time

-Kay ❤

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