Kay’s Favorite Things for December 2016!

The holiday season has come to and end unfortunately but the new year has begun! Here are my favorite things for December 2016!


I have been needing a new phone for a few months now. I had the Iphone 5.  I finally decided to break down and get one! For a Christmas gift to myself I got the Iphone 7 in the limited edition color jet black. I saw that so many people have been complaining on how easily it gets fingerprints and scratches. I did get a lot of fingerprinting (that comes with pretty much all touchscreen phones) but no SCRATCHES probably because I have been so careful with it especially before I got a case. Iphone 7 Jet Black (price depends on what size memory you get)


I have had this product for a LONG time. I recently just started using it more frequently because the shimmer adds a festive edge to all the colors I use it with. When I put this top coat my nail polish lasts so LONG. This is coming from a girl who usually chips her nail polish five minutes after she paints them and ends up changing them a day later.  In the below image I applied it over white nail polish. L’Oreal Paris Top Coat Color 802 True Diamond $12.95


I got the new Iphone 7 and I needed a case because I am ALWAYS dropping my phone. I wanted the Lumee but one I looked up the price ($50) and I decided that was way too much for a case. So I moved on to look for other cases. As I was looking through Amazon and I found this one! I am using it in the above picture. It is so much better than the Lumee. The lights are so bright they are almost blinding! Better lighting makes for better SELFIES! Feceir IPhone 7 Illuminated Phone Case $11.88 on Amazon


You guys I ran out of my usual end all be all Kat Von D foundation! I needed something quick and not so pricey. I also wanted a foundation that would give me a more dewy, shiny look rather than the matte look that the Kat Von D foundation usually does. One of my new favorite makeup artist (Melly Sanchez in above YouTube video) did a drug store makeup Youtube video and she was utilizing this foundation! I went straight down to Harmon’s Face Value got help from one of the makeup associates and brought it. What made it better was that I can utilize the same shade that she does! Now I when I see something that she uses and I want to try I can just get the same color. L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup $10.79


I was browsing through Burlington, in the cooking department, and I found this. They had a bunch of different spicy Habanero seasonings most of them were more infused with salt (like Lowry’s seasoning salt) or even HABANERO salt (who knew). I got this one because it was just a plain seasoning not a seasoning mixed with salt. I season EVERYTHING with this: chicken, beef, vegetables, and egg (yes I said EGGS). It is a great blend of sweet and spicy. Spiceology Habanero Sweet & Spicy Blend $7


Whenever I need a smokey eye look I always turn to this eye shadow. It is VERY pigmented, a little goes a long way! It also lasts a long time! In the near future I will show you guys a look using this eye shadow! Maybelline NY Color 24 Hour Tattoo Gel Cream Eye shadow color 55-Immortal Charcoal $6.99


One day when my mother got home from work she brought home a big bag of these! I am even snacking on it now as I am writing this. I like to have a little snack either before after dinner. Instead of the usual cheese doodles or puffs this totally filled the void. It is like a party mix with pretzels, nacho chips, and miniature honey combs. You can find this at your local Walgreens or Duane Reade. Nice! Cheddar Snack Mix 1LB bag.


So I have been mixing this with a bunch of different juices and sodas. I have yet to find a bad combination. It pretty much goes with everything and tastes GREAT! I picked it up because I saw how inexpensive and how cute the little bottle was. Ciroc Pineapple Vodka 50ml $1.75 at local winery. Prices may vary based on location.

Til next time!

-Kay ❤

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