Christmas Gift Guide Men’s Edition

It is the giving season and I know you guys are searching for gifts for your male friends or maybe your boyfriend and/or husband! I have put together a list of gift ideas. You can click on the pictures and it will take you to a retailer, to help make your shopping that much easier! I will be adding to this list all the way up until the day before Christmas for you last minute Christmas shoppers! Make sure to check back for some new ideas! I have also put out a Christmas Gift Guide Women Edition!

For the Sports Fanatic!

What’s better than a signed jersey especially one for the guy’s favorite player. Those are very hard to get a hold of and often costs a pretty penny. What’s next best, you ask? TICKETS! Tickets to the guy’s favorite team is definitely a way to go. Any sports fanatic will let you know millions of times what his favorite sport is, who is his favorite team, and who his favorite player is. Every time I say I love basketball I can almost be 100% sure the next question will be who’s your favorite team (the Cavaliers) and then who’s your favorite player ( I have two Lebron James & Russel Westbrook). It is like a little dance that we sports fiends do. With the tickets he will have the everlasting memory of going to the game and having an amazing time (well unless his team looses but it is ok, win some,loose some) because you gave him the opportunity to do so. Tickets are easier to get than a signed authentic jersey. DO NOT feel bad if he does not take you to the game, the tickets are for him not for you! 

For the Gamer!

Stay AWAY from gaming systems! Unless you know whether the guy is an XBOX man or a Playstation man, do not try to gift one of these items. What seems great to you might not be what is great to him. I have seen guys get into fist fights over which gaming system is better. Gamers take their systems seriously. If you know which system he LOVES (Ninetendo, Playstation, or XBOX) then get the newest version of that system.

imgres.jpg  Rayman_Legends_Box_Art.jpg images.jpg

Video games are always a safe bet. The bad thing is that you have to remember which kind of games he likes, whether that is sports games, platformers, or first person shooters (I cannot believe I remembered those names a very close friend of mine would be so proud of me). Sports games like FIFA17, Madden, and NBA 2K17 are perfect for the sports gamer. For the platform gamer anything Super Mario or Rayman Legends are great choices. For the first person shooter gamer Call of Duty(COD) is the end all be all but if you cannot find COD, Destiny, and/or Final Fantasy are also amazing choices. REMEMBER to get the name of the gaming system that he uses so that the game matches the system!

For the Tech Junkie!


Sharper Image is a way to go when it comes to finding cool gadgets. Drones this year are more popular than EVER! Sharper Image’s drones gives you many choices. Some drones come with cameras, lights, and other cool features. You may want to purchase an extra battery or batteries because the time limit on the drone’s battery will go by extra fast especially when they are having fun! HEADS UP if you live with the man you are giving this gift to, this toy maybe annoying. If you do not want things flying around in your house do not get this as a gift. You can always get a drone that is only made to fly around outside but he must have somewhere to practice, so make sure he has either a yard or a nearby park where he can play with his brand new toy!

For the Refined Male!

These are for the guys who probably read GQ and probably take as long as you do getting ready! They put a lot of time into themselves. They want the best products on their skin and most importantly their face and hair! You can get them a set of skin and hair care products or create your own set or just simply add cool products to their collection.

Midnight_Recovery_Eye_3605975086881_0.5fl.oz..jpg Lip_Balm_Number_1_3605970366018_0.5fl.oz..jpg 3004_Mntlipbalm_g_hrweb.jpg ProSeries_Md.jpg

Just like women, men worry about their EYES and LIPS! These are the easier beauty products to purchase for men. You do not have to worry about what each product specifically does. They all pretty much do the same thing, moisturize your lips or make your eyes look younger. No one wants to get older and most certainly you do not want to look older. There are a range of anti-aging products for men. Kiehl’s and Jack Black have great lip balms. Lips are easy because you can upgrade their lip balm to a balm that may have more benefits. No one wants chapped lips this winter!

00670535713814.png 00670535510659.png

The Art Of Shaving store offers a variety of products for men who like to pamper themselves. They provide luxury shaving tools and shaving gels. When you purchase from this store you know that you are going to get a quality product.

Enough of shaving, how about actual skincare? Underneath the hair the actual skin needs to be taken care of. Men are now starting to get facials too. They worry about acne like women do. Do not get individualized treatments because you do not know what is actually good for his skin. Unless you live with the man or you guys have deep conversations about your skin care regimes you cannot just take a guess about what he needs for his own skin. Only he truly knows that. You do not want to get him a full treatment that he cannot use, was not made for his skin, and worse case scenario makes him break out or makes him have an allergic reaction.

00670535718413.png  s1887355-main-Lhero.jpg s1728450-main-Lhero.jpg  clinique-clinique-for-men-2-in-1-skin-hydrator-beard-conditioner.png

A shower MIRROR! Like a woman’s vanity this grants the man an area to get his face ready for the day. That could be shaving, washing his hair, or even completing his daily skin care regime. A shower mirror is time saver. He can do all the things he would usually do outside of the shower now inside the shower, killing two birds with one stone.


Stay AWAY from suits! Even though the refined man would LOVE the idea of a new suit, he will also know a good suit would require him to be measured and the suit tailored to his liking. Unless you have some way of taking his measurements in his sleep without him noticing, this is a NO GO.  Instead you can even get him a year subscription of GQ magazine! He can read about the different luxury suits, maybe get replicas made, and learn about the new fashion trends.

Again stay tuned for additions to this list along with a women’s edition! I also will be adding more affordable options!

-Kay ❤


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