Christmas Gift Guide Women’s Edition

It is the giving season and I know you guys are searching for gifts for your female friends or maybe your girlfriend and/or wife! I have put together a list of gift ideas. You can click on the pictures and it will take you to a retailer, to help make your shopping that much easier! I will be adding to this list all the way up until the day before Christmas for you last minute Christmas shoppers! Make sure to check back for some new ideas! I will also be putting out a Christmas Gift Guide Men Edition!

For the Fashionista!

If the woman you are looking to purchase a gift for loves fashion here are a few items that she will for sure LOVE. Stick to accessories so you do not have to worry about purchasing the right size. A luxury handbag is a great gift. If you feel like spending a little extra cash the Antigona bag by Givenchy and the classic quilted Chanel bag is a way to go.


The Antigona bag by Givenchy is becoming a classic. The bag is not too big and not too small but you can still fit everything in it. You can utilize it as an everyday purse. This bag is for the girl like me who needs to carry her entire life with her. If she’s like me she will carry a hair brush, gum, wallet, keys, a makeup bag, passport, umbrella, lotion, perfume, eyelashes and eyelash glue, phone charger, and of course a PHONE (in the future I will do a what’s in my purse post). This bag will definitely get the job done. Its sleek and structured design will attract everyone’s attention when your significant other or friend wears this handbag.


Chanel is an icon and legend within the fashion industry you can never go wrong with it. Every woman desires one. It is a closet must have, a staple. They come in millions of colors but the classic black leather is timeless! It can go with everything. You can dress it up or down. Even though a lot of companies try to recreate it nothing beats the real deal. Cross body bags are trending right now. Below I am going to put more affordable versions of the bag because there are thousands!

imgres.jpg rebecca-minkoff-geo-quilted-love-jumbo-crossbody-bag-black.jpg

I would stick to the color black with anything fashion related. If you know her favorite color or if she always talks about a color that she does not have in her closet but wishes that she did, get that color. This requires you to pay close attention. You do not want to get her a color that she never wears then she’s stuck with an expensive bag or any other item that she can never wear.

COACH-CHRISTMAS-2016-GIFT-GUIDE-1-1200x810.jpg imgres.jpg

Bag accessories are currently trending, from fur balls to different types of animals and shapes. Coach’s Rexy is a perfect bag accessory! Rexy is a new character that coach has created. She can put together the Rexy Puzzle and attach it to her bag or you can purchase an already made Rexy and she can just attach it on to any of her favorite handbags.

For the Foodie!

DO NOT purchase anything cooking related if you know the person eats out a lot, does not cook or shows no interest in cooking. DO NOT get cooking appliances, cooking lessons, or cook books because you want the woman to cook for you. The gift is not for you it is for HER. If she loves food and LOVES to cook then these are the perfect gifts for her.


Any cooking appliance from William-Sonoma is an amazing gift.  A whole cooking set is even more amazing! William-Sonoma provides luxury cooking supplies. Everyone who cooks needs cooking supplies! She can replace her old pots and pans with the new ones that you have given her. All-clad is definitely a go to if you are looking for a quality premium set. It also offers a LIFETIME warranty. So not only is it long lasting but if something does happen to it she can get a replacement or get it fixed.

imgres.jpg 51QswVmERzL._SX335_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg  51HGuoYiOZL._SX379_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg 61ZnCczP72L.jpg

Here are a few cookbook ideas. For cookbooks, you must know if she is more of a baker or if she likes to cook actual meals. For meals you need to know what her favorite meal of the day is (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). You then can purchase a cookbook accordingly. Ayesha Curry’s The Seasoned Life and Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings are both new to the cookbook world but they are best sellers for the year. You can never go wrong with Julia Child. She is an iconic chef. Her two volume set Mastering the Art of French Cooking is a classic! Any home cook would love to have this as a gift.


If she likes snacks and sweets, then again who does not! Harry & David Ultimate Hearthside Gift Basket is perfect! It includes every snack and chocolate imaginable. It is THIRTY POUNDS of assorted snacks, treats, and spreads. This basket will definitely last her a long time. After she is done with the snacks she can utilize the basket for something else. The basket comes in different sizes if you think thirty pounds is a bit too much.

You could even put together your own gift basket. This requires a lot more thought. You must know what she absolutely loves: favorite candy bars, cookies, nuts, and other treats. If you know she is allergic to something DEFINITELY do not put that in the basket, especially NUTS.

For the Makeup Artist and Beauty Products Lover! 

Women LOVE makeup, well most of them do. You really have to know the person well actually you do not. You can just look at their face and tell if they wear makeup or not. Be careful of those girls who wear very natural looking makeup because I get asked a lot if I am in fact wearing makeup when I think I’m wearing a lot. Makeup enthusiasts you can get them a set or add individual items to their (I am sure) extensive collection. You can even (which again may cause you to use much more thought) create your own set of different items.

Honey_Dual_Lip_1000.png  s1882216-main-Lhero.jpg

When in doubt stick to the LIPS and EYES! Every woman wears lip gloss! Especially because we are in the colder months and we definitely can not be seen with chapped and bleeding lips. I started out wearing just lip gloss. I remember being in first grade wanting to take some of the girls that always teased me lip glosses because they made their lips so shiny! My lip gloss back then just added a little sheen but focused more on making sure my lips weren’t chapped. Now that I remember, it was more of a lip balm. Every woman also wears mascara. They draw attention to the eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul, what is a better way to decorate them than with mascara and maybe some eye shadow.

My favorite mascara of all time is Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara! It is a little pricey but worth every penny. It looks like your eyelashes have actual extensions!


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario is an limited edition palette that every makeup lover is trying to get their hands on. Anastasia teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic to create a palette that regular people can use to get those celebrity looks that he creates. This is another pretty pricey item but it has a great range of shades, from nudes to really dark tones. So she can do a smokey eye for a night out and a nude look for the day time. It is hard to find this palette because it is almost sold out EVERYWHERE! If you can purchase this item she will definitely know the trouble you went through to get it.

How about removing that makeup? What is trending now is Korean beauty products, more specifically skin care! You have many choices to choose from in this category. Stay AWAY from skin care products that are very specific. Meaning, products that are specifically for acne prone skin or very individualized and personalized treatments. Unless you live with the woman or you guys have deep conversations about your skin care regimes you cannot just take a guess about what she needs for her own skin. Only she truly knows that. You do not want to get her a full treatment that she cannot use, was not made for her skin, and worse case scenario makes her break out or makes her have an allergic reaction.

Soko-Glam-Quick-Starter-Essentials-Set_large.jpg   s1824507-main-Lhero.jpg  100000000427_dt_.jpg  Image result for GloPRO GloPRO® MicroStimulation Facial Tool & HydraGLO™ Serum, 15 mL 1003-02552-bliss-triple-oxygen-energizing-mask-cpr-pdp

A VANITY! I gave this idea to one of my closest friends for his girlfriend’s Christmas gift and he brought her one. Every girl dreams of having a makeup station that comes with a mirror. I cannot wait to hear about her reaction to her gift.


STAY AWAY from foundations and concealers! Unless you know the exact shade and name of her foundation and concealer stay away from these items. If you get the wrong shade then she is stuck with a foundation and or concealer that she cannot use which in turn is a waste of money and time.

Again stay tuned for additions to this list along with a men’s edition! I also will be adding more affordable options!

-Kay ❤


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