A Birthday Party at Khyber Pass

Hey guys! On Friday I ate at a Afghani and Pakistani restaurant named Khyber Pass in Soho to celebrate one of my close friend’s birthday! My five friends and I arrived around 10:20pm. We came in the door and waited for one of the waiters to finish serving the diners and seat us. The first thing the waiter asked was if we were going to eat or smoke hookah. My friends said hookah. She then asked for ids, which surprised me because my friends specifically selected this restaurant because they did not check ids. I personally think they should have someone at the door especially if you are going to check ids. I guess that has changed since the last time they came.

The lady then seated us by the window. All the tables with actual chairs had been taken. Our table was on a elevated floor with a table on top and cushions on the FLOOR! Of course someone who does not like sitting on the floor and eating this was not OK! I understand the restaurant is trying to immerse you in the culture but I would have strongly preferred to sit at a table. I need a little more space from the floor and my food.

After we were all seated another waitress came and dropped off the hookah, food, and alcoholic drinks menus. We looked over them and made our choice. My friend tried to order drinks but the lady immediately said with an attitude “No you can’t have that! She told me none of you guys are over 21 years old.” I immediately wanted wanted to say well I am TWENTY ONE YEARS OLD but I did not want to make a fuss, the drinks were kinds of expensive, and after all, all of my friends that night were only 21. I then ordered Mantoo (which are beef dumplings topped with yogurt and meat sauce), and a Mango Lassi (mango smoothie) to drink. I then wondered why put the alcoholic drink menus at the table if you know most of us are not over 21. My friends then ordered food along with two hookahs one was mango and the other blue mist.

The hookahs came first. My friends were not impressed with the mango flavor they thought it was weak. They LOVED the blue mist flavored hookah. Khyber Pass gives one free refill for the hookah which was good cause most places I have been to they do not give you a refill you have to pay for it. The other places also charge less for the hookah this place was a little more expensive, it was $23 for each hookah. So it is a trade off, pay less for a hookah and not receive a free refill or pay more and get a free refill. By refill I mean once the coals die out they take away the old coal and give you a new ones.

The food and drink was AMAZING. I loved the Mantoo. I never have tried beef dumplings but they had it and it was so good! It will definitely be on my favorite things list. The Mango Lassi was good too. Everyone at my table ordered it. It was flavorful and creamy. The rule at Khyber Pass is that you have to order a drink! At first this rubbed me the wrong way but the drink was good and no you cannot order water. Water comes free with everything.

Time to pay! We all wrote down each of our totals on the back of the receipt, took out our methods of payment, explained to the waitress what each total was, and wrote down the last four digits of the debit cards for those who were paying with a card. She sounded so exhausted about something that we thought was so simple. I do not know if they were short staffed or she was just tired. It took around ten minutes to get our change back. After that we left. Overall it was fun experience especially with good people. The service could have been better but the food and atmosphere were great! I definitely plan on going here again hopefully I will get better waitresses. Til next time!

-Kay ❤



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