Kylie Jenner Stealing? The Wendy Williams Show: Kylie Jenner’s Legal Drama

One of the things I like to do when I wake up in the morning is make my oatmeal and sit down to watch the Wendy Williams show. Even if I do not get to watch the whole show before I leave the house for the day, I at least watch the first 20 to 30 minutes of the show for hot topics. Today Wendy talked about Kylie Jenner allegedly stealing a makeup artist’s designs, which you can see in the segment down below.



For Kylie Cosmetics’ holiday collection campaign they used a picture of Kylie with gold glitter on her fingers and a bold matte red lipstick. A month before Vlada had taken a picture exactly like it with the same exact pose in gold glitter and red lipstick. Kylie cosmetic’s has even stolen exact pictures from Vlada without giving credit to Vlada.







FullSizeRender (27).jpg

Usually when you properly repost something the Instagram page where you got the photo from shows up at the bottom left corner of the picture. You can see that her mother reposted something from Kylie Cosmetics and it shows on the bottom. If her mom knows how to do it Kylie definitely knows how to do it also. Kylie probably intentionally took the picture without showing where it was from and hoping no one would notice where she got it. She has given credit to other people. For example her Complex magazine shoot she tagged Complex into the picture and tagged them in the caption. She could have done the same with Vlada.


After watching the segment I went straight to Instagram to see the evidence for myself. Here are some screen shots!

FullSizeR6.jpg FullSizeR7.jpg FullSizeR4.jpg  fullsizer5

In the pictures you can see major similarities. The dripping theme is consistent with both Vlada and Kylie. You can really see the similarities with the red and white lips. It looks like the same drip pattern on the Kylie Cosmetics packaging.

Personally I think the makeup artist should get half of the company’s earnings or half of the advertising section of Kylie Cosmetics’ earnings. Kylie took or was strongly inspired by Vlada’s signature. Taking someone’s signature and making it your signature and trademark is a HUGE offense. Let me know what you guys think!

-Kay ❤


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