Kay’s Favorite Things for November 2016!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays! As the holiday season has come to a start here are some of my favorite things for the month of November 2016! tumblr_m55hxr3zRe1r0cb9so1_500.png


I needed another blazer. I specifically wanted a white one. During Halloween I wanted to recreate Michael Jackson’s outfit from Smooth Criminal. So I went to my favorite clothing company at the moment (Naked Wardrobe) and there it was! I wore this for the election and received so many compliments. I can wear it as a jacket or like a blazer. I can dress it up or down. It is very versatile. Naked Wardrobe Outshine Blazer $42

Image-1 (1).jpg


If you know me, you know I LOVE big stud earrings. When I found these in Burlington I had to get them. I had never tried tear drop earrings. I like them better than my regular round studs. Accent Accessories Genuine Cubic Zirconia Earrings $16









This item has gotten me followed off of the train! Being a New Yorker you always have to remain alert. I notice when someone is starring at me and then glancing down at my purse. People’s eyes go straight to it when its on my bag. I always get asked if I have ever been to Paris, which no I have not. I just liked the design so I brought it. Even though it is meant to be a key chain I latched it on to my favorite Michael Kors purse. Hand bag accessories are now one of my favorite things and seems to be trending right now. Sophia & Kate’s Paris Eiffel Tower Key Chain $10




I am in love with this mascara. It comes close to my Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced. I definitely put this second. It makes your eyelashes look like they have EXTENSIONS! It does not clump and it is very lightweight. What’s best is that I do not have spend $23 on great mascara like I would with Too Faced’s mascara. I will be purchasing this again. Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Washable Mascara in very black $9.49




This product has its OWN blog post and I tell you about my whole experience. I miss the Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks hopefully they will not remove this instant off of the website. The Starbucks VIA Instant Pumpkin Spice Latte ($6.95 in store $7.95 online)








I was looking for a setting spray and I came across this. As I have said in a previous post, this spray seals in my makeup and makes it last for HOURS! I have taken naps with this product on and my foundation and the colors of my eye shadow remain intact. E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set $3






FullSizeRender (26).jpg

I usually purchase the Strawberry Chia version of this drink. During one of my trips to the supermarket I noticed that this was right next to it. I love mangoes, so why not try the juice. I had never had straight mango juice before. Mango juice is usually mixed with other juices. Having it by itself was a treat. It was delicious! I now have replaced the strawberry for this one! Trader Joe’s Mango 100% Juice Smoothie $2.99






Yes, another Trader Joe’s product. Again I usually get the plain version of this product but I said hey why not try something different this time. If you are looking to add a little spice to your mac and cheese this is definitely the way to go. It has the right amount of spicy and cheesy. Trader Joe’s Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese with Roasted Chiles from Hatch, New Mexico $2.99

DISCLAIMER: Some of these items were bought at Burlington Coat Factory so the prices may not be the same!


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