Sneaker Shopping for 48 Contiguous States

Today I was watching Carli Bybel’s new YouTube video that just showcased her sneaker collection. At first thinking who does a YouTube video just on her sneaker collection? As I kept watching and getting into it I saw so many shoes I just wanted to add to my sneaker collection.

When the five minute video was over I went to look up the all red Nike Huaraches. I have been desiring them for a while. I keep seeing them on Instagram. I just thought since I have seen them in Carli’s video I should probably finally look up how much they are and where could I purchase them? I found a website called . So I looked at them from different angles them I saw an asterisks that said “ships to the 48 CONTIGUOUS United States”.  I looked up the statement and it basically means it only ships to the states that are part of the United States’ big mass land. This means all the states except Alaska and Hawaii can receive product. I thought there was something wrong with that statement. If I lived in those states I would be sad I could not receive the item I want simply because I was not part of the big part of the United States . Why be part of a country if I am not considered to be part of the “contiguous” United States. I am an offshore United States territory and possession but not part of the whole United states. Would I just have to pay for international shipping ? Maybe I am over thinking the situation. Let me know what you guys think! Til next time!

-Kay ❤


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