E.L.F Intense Ink Eyeliner

So last week E.L.F. (Eyes. Lips. Face.) had free shipping on all orders. If you know me you know I am a fan of E.L.F. products especially their blushes, baked highlighters, and bronzers. I decided I would restock some of my products because I would be saving money in the long run. Now I realize how Carli Bybel and I have multiples of unused items. If I waited until I was completely out of the products I use on a daily basis I would have to rush down to the SOHO store. That means I would have to pay $6 for transportation. If I just ordered them on another week I would have to pay $5 for shipping. I would have paid more for the shipping then for the actual products I needed (that’s how cheap they are). This week was perfect especially because they almost never have free shipping. It pays to have subscribed to their emails.

While I was searching through the website for the items that I usually use I saw a category that said best sellers. So I clicked on it and looked through the list. I wanted to see if any of my items were on the list. None of them were which I thought was interesting. I did not know if it was a good thing or bad thing. Good, that no one or very few people were using the same products. Bad, because maybe my products are not good and I could be utilizing better products. Hey, I love my products and how they work for me and people always ask, what do I use, so I am going to stick to my items because they work for ME! While scrolling down the best sellers list I saw they had a THREE DOLLAR eyeliner. It was the E.L.F. Intense Ink Eyeliner. So I wondered if I should try it. It was cheaper than the eyeliner I use now. So of course right before I buy something especially if it is makeup I always go on YouTube to see the reviews and how it looks on different people. I was a little shaky about the eyeliner because I had brought $1 eyeliner from E.L.F. before and it wiped off 5 minutes after I applied it to my eyes. So I was a little weary about their eyeliner. They got mixed reviews for the Intense Eyeliner so I did not order it. I just ordered my usual products.

The next day I went to Harmon’s Discounts. It is a big supermarket just for BEAUTY PRODUCTS! They have all of the drug store brands and also a few high-end brands. While I was in the makeup section I stopped at the E.L.F section as I was looking at the the shelves I noticed that yes, they have the E.L.F setting spray that I ordered. I decided to try it because reviewers say it is the equivalent of MAC Fix and Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray (I will tell you about in another post). Right next to the setting spray was the the intense ink eyeliner for $3. It was the same exact price I thought well why not try it, it’s only three dollars and I am here in the store anyway.  So I brought it! I went home and applied to my hand to see how long lasting it was and how was the application.

IMG_0895.JPGThe eyeliner is a felt tip, it is NOT a brush tip. So it’s like drawing with a fine marker but you can turn it on it’s side for a thicker line on your eyelid. It lasted extremely long especially cause that day I cooked and I washed my hands ten times while in the process. It came off in the shower which I took around 12 am right before bed. Even then, I had to scrub it off. I was elated because I now knew that even if I rubbed my eye by accident it would not smudge. I also thought I had found my new go to eyeliner and would not have to pay close to $10 for eyeliner.

The next day I decided to do my full makeup routine and apply my new found affordable eyeliner. I finished my eye shadow and now it was time to apply the liner. The liner would not go on to my EYES! It was a faint line. It was not as bold as it was on my hand. Even for the faint line I had to apply it MULTIPLE times! I had to go back to my old liner. I was so disappointed. I know it was just three dollars but that was three dollars I could have used somewhere else like, Starbucks.  I should have just stuck to my decision from the night before. I guess I will just stick to my usual brand. Now I know!

-Kay ❤


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