Surprising Makeup Case!

So guys today was the day! It finally happened! I upgraded from my two makeup bags to a full on makeup case! I did not think this day would come. I would watch one of my favorite makeup artists Carli Bybel (by the way Happy Birthday) YouTube videos and wonder wow how does she have so much makeup? As you can see below in these two clips!

She has drawers filled with makeup!  You can see how neatly organized they are. Some items she even has doubles! Even the girl at the end of her birthday video jokes about her having more makeup than SEPHORA! How is this possible? I did not think I would acquire so much makeup that they could not fit into two makeup bags! I now even have doubles of products, in the same exact COLOR that have not even been OPENED.

While in the process of organizing and removing my makeup from the two bags  I discovered how many lip glosses and lipsticks I have. I just went on a Colourpop binge which has since become my favorite lip gloss, lipstick, and eye-shadow brand. It is so affordable and the products are not what you would expect when you just spent $5. If they wanted to they could definitely charge more but I hope they do not. That is what makes them special – amazing product for less! They are higher than E.L.F. (another brand I love) but lower than NARS, Kat Von D, and Urban Decay. Of course as you may know they are the same manufacturers that make Kylie Jenners’ Lip Kit, which I have no intention of buying or spending $30 on just a matte liquid lipstick and a lip pencil. I can just find the same color and pencil just with the name Colourpop on it instead of Kylie’s name.

I have racked up so many lipsticks and lip glosses and with that comes new makeup ideas! I have found some dark colors that I can put into use because it is now Fall (feels more like winter but that’s is New York weather for you) and you can utilize some of those more deeper darker colors. I totally look forward to that!


While cleaning I also found eye lash glues that were not finished, I doubt I will be using those. I also found my FIRST eye shadow kit. Funny how back when I used this kit the colors that are still full are colors would never use back then but they are colors that I would die to utilize today. Since the kit is a few years old and I am scared to use it because its something that goes near my eyes and may cause an infection, I threw the kit away.

I organized my case by items I use the most. The first shelf has my foundation, concealers, and brushes along with the spray bottle of alcohol to clean the brushes when I am done. The second shelf has my blushes and eye makeup, which includes eyelashes, eye shadows, eyeliners and lash glues. My final shelf has all of my lip products: lip gloss, liquid lipsticks, lipsticks, lip pencils, and lip balms. Now the question is will I become one of those makeup girls who spend crazy money on doubles of high end makeup? I guess we shall see!

-Kay ❤



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