The Real Talk Show: Crush On Your Man

Today was Adrienne Bailon’s birthday on The Real! Girl chat of course was eventful. I could not agree with her more in this segment down below! Jeanie Mai is talking to her co-hosts about one of her elderly neighbors who seems to be smitten with her husband but yet extremely rude to her.

Porsha’s advice on the situation seemed a little bit petty. I agreed on the fact that yes some women have the genes to looking amazing at the age of 67. I do not like that she was setting the table for an argument.  Not everything calls for an altercation or fight. Especially bringing up to the woman “if you have anything to say you should talk to me about it and not my husband”.  This does the exact thing that she did not want the husband or the neighbor to know. By her saying that it lets the neighbor know that she has acquired the power to make her jealous.

Lonnie’s approach is very mature. I would not let the lady get away with acting rude towards you. You have to see this woman everyday you should not have to deal with her actions on a daily basis or just let it slide by because of her age.

Adrienne’s approach was perfect. I do not know if this was an New Yorker thing but I agreed with her totally. Yes, the approach is confrontational but it is in a way that does not let the neighbor know that yes you have acknowledged that she is only nice to your husband. It also does not give her the power to say “I make this woman insecure”. Instead of addressing that the woman is nice just to the husband , Adrienne is calling her out just on being rude. Her approach can be seen as petty but it would also give  you a peace of mind. You are able to attack the issue at hand and probably make the woman notice that she has a character flaw. Just because a woman is older that does not mean she gets a pass to be rude and disrespectful to someone who she obviously knows is MARRIED to the man that she apparently has a crush on.

Tamera gave the easiest and also most mature approach. Jeanie Mai should tell the woman to watch the show (if the woman does not already) or Jeanie could in fact play the show for her. Hopefully she would then get the message. Til next time guys!

-Kay ❤


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