The Real Talk Show and Snooze-Button Style

The Real talk show is one of my favorite shows to watch every morning before I start my day. The other day I was watching  it and I completely disagreed with this segment. I mean it was a cool idea but I could not see myself or any working woman doing this in real life.

The segment shows women getting out of bed and keeping on parts of their pajamas to use for an outfit to go to work in. Its an interesting and cool idea but I do not think everyday working women would roll out of their bed with the same clothes they slept in the night before.  I need a larger boundary between work and the comfort of my own bed. Not to mention the bacteria and sweat (if you sweat in your sleep) that would still be on my clothes. I like going to work with freshly clean clothes. I would not want my coworkers seeing what I wear to bed at night. Some of the outfits you could see that they are night wear pieces and some could pass for either nightwear or work clothes but it still would not work for me.

imgres.jpg de907156_tsanna_28.06.16_sr__551_a_3.jpgSatin is now trending. You see on runways and in stores a lot of silky slip dresses (that look like lingerie) made to be worn with boots or pumps. This trend has yet to appeal to me because no matter what, they still look like you have rolled out of bed with your finest pajamas.

I think the moral of this segment is not to be late to work. Go to sleep early the day before and get a good night’s rest, so you will not have to worry about wearing your pajamas to work. Yes I know you can not always get the full eight hours of sleep and sometimes you just wake up tired and not wanting to leave bed. Maybe you just may have to bite the bullet and be late to work so that you do not have to wear your PAJAMAS to work!

-Kay ❤


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