Oculus and Arcade

Hey Kaytures! I am currently watching my favorite cartoon Scooby-Doo. Not the new Scooby-doo, the old late 1960’s original version, when they used to hand draw cartoons.  I hate the new computerized version. I’ll explain my hatred for the newer ones in another blog post.

Last night I saw my friends taking pictures with the same background. It looked so futuristic. So I did some research and found it was actually the Oculus structure that they recently built by One World Trade Center. I did not know today was actually the day I was going to see it. My mom wanted a sandwich from Arcade Bakery. I had never been but she told me how good the sandwiches were. So today I went with her and tried it.


On our way to Arcade Bakery I noticed that the World Trade Center was close by , so we went to look for the Oculus structure. It was cool to take pictures of it and look at but I think once it starts adding restaurants and retail stores it will become more of an attraction and more appealing to New Yorkers like myself, instead of just a pretty futuristic structure.

IMG_0669.JPGWe left the Oculus and went on to Arcade Bakery. Once we got there it was a line of about five to seven people. The outside looks like an office building or court house. I am sure there are offices upstairs but on the first floor in the atrium is the bakery! I put on my snapchat almost every moment of the experience. While we waited on the line I took a look at the menu. It was simple and plain but each of the items seemed appetizing. They have sandwiches, pizza, and a specialty pizza which I might try next time.





I ended up picking the turkey, mozzarella, roasted peppers, olives, arugula on focaccia bread. It was AMAZING! This was the only part I did not document on my snapchat. The sandwich came in a brown paper sandwich bag. Almost the same bag that you get when a bakery gives you cookies. So I could not take a picture. It also was not the most photogenic sandwich but that did not take away the fact that is was DELICIOUS! The bread was soft and buttery. You could taste really taste the mix of arugula, olives, and roasted peppers. The ingredients themselves you would not think they’d make a great combination but they do! If you like salad or more of a salad sandwich rather than a meaty sandwich then I will say you will love this sandwich. If you are looking a for a sandwich with more meat and cheese this is not the sandwich for you! They only give you one slice of turkey and one slice of mozzarella while you can still taste the meat and cheese the accompanying ingredients are what stand out, especially the chopped up olives.

For $9 you can definitely get more bang for your buck at other sandwich competitors but if you like splurging and not worrying about the size of the sandwich you will enjoy Arcade Bakery’s turkey sandwich. Overall, I liked the sandwich and will go back not only for the sandwich but to try some of their other items! This will definitely be on my October favorite things list!




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