My New Discovery In Men’s Fragrances

Hey Kaytures! I know, I know long time no see but I have come across an issue and discovery, women including myself not being open to or afraid to rock (wear with confidence) male fragrance products. I have always loved particular manly scents. Especially on the guys that I hang out with. Sometimes I would smell a guy walk by me and say, “Oh that smells like my friend”. I never thought to actually purchase the scent for myself. One, I would not want someone to replicate my fragrance so why would I do that to some one else especially a friend. Two, what smells good on my male friends may not smell good on me.

Receiving the promotion of fragrance specialist at the Abercrombie & Fitch New York Flagship store has opened my eyes to wearing men’s fragrances. Everyday women come in asking for the fragrance they smell in the store, Fierce! They often say, ” Oh, it’s a men’s fragrance” in shock and of course I have to tell them the truth, “yes it is”. Some say “oh never mind” or “is there a women’s version that’s close to the scent”?Most say “Oh I don’t care, I will still wear it”. Women are purchasing and wearing the Fierce cologne so much that now it is called a unisex fragrance (which I just recently learned). Now when I get that reaction of “oh it’s a men’s fragrance”, I have to explain it is now called a unisex fragrance even though it’s in the men’s cologne section area of the store because so many women wear it.

These encounters have caused me to open my horizons and begin utilizing men’s fragrance products. I started by using Degree Men Dry Protection Sport Antiperspirant (which I am featuring in this month’s Kay’s Favorite Things) I really like not only how it smells but how it blends with my more womanly lotions and perfumes that I use on a daily basis. Its not overbearing but I can still smell remnants of it throughout the day. Masculine fragrances are easy to build on and assists in creating my own unique smell.

After a week or two of using men’s deodorant Old Spice Denali Fresher Collection Body Wash went on sale at CVS. I’ve been using that as a body wash for the past month now, it compliments my other fragrances. At first it was a little drying and harsh (probably because it is a men’s product) but my skin has since adjusted and I also apply lotion after every time I take a shower. You can faintly smell it under my body lotion but it combines well with it. Guys, no this post does not mean that maybe the men’s fragrances have more a womanly smell. This may actually help you select what scents women like.

I strongly suggest that women try out some of the men’s products especially if you are looking for a new scent. Often times you will find that men’ products are cheaper than ours. Not only are you saving money but trying something new. It does not matter if it is a men’s product if you like the smell test it out for yourself!

Masculine Fragrance Products I Use:




Degree Men Dry Protection Sport Antiperspirant






Old Spice Denali Fresher Collection Body Wash





Abercrombie & Fitch Northeast Cologne


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