BALMAIN X H&M Shopping Experience


Hey Kaytures! Thursday I participated in the Balmain x H&M launch. No, I was not one of the shoppers who camped out and waited on lines for hours (for some even days) before the store opened at 8 am Thursday morning. I did the opposite! I left my house at 12pm and got to the H&M at 12:29 pm. I was a little unsure about whether or not I would get any pieces from the collection because I went so late in the day and blogs were already saying how the collection sold out in a matter of minutes. Then I thought maybe I would get something because of the location. I went to the H&M in the Columbus Circle Time Warner Center Mall. Since I do not shop at H&M I had only been to that location about three times and it was always empty. So this was a big deal that I was going to this launch!  I think people forget that there is a H&M in the mall. I always just go to the spectacular high-tech bathroom, Sephora, Whole Foods, Bouchon bakery,and Michael Kors shop in the mall but since they were going to have the collection there I thought I should just go to that H&M location.

IMG_7319 IMG_7322

Small Suede & Leather Clutch $34.99

Ribbed Bandeau Top $24.99

Success! I got two items from the launch. I really wanted  the T-shirt with Flock-Print Motif in white but of course those were sold out by the time I arrived. I got the Small Suede and Leather Clutch and the Ribbed Bandeau Top.When I got to H&M I just saw a sectioned-off portion of the store. It looked like a cage. It had about ten security guards standing around it and a line with about ten people so then I knew it was the Balmain x H&M collection section. The wait was about 15-20 minutes long, not bad when you are listening to music. Before I left to go to H&M I looked up how the shopping system was going to work. They said they would only allow 10 people in the section at a time and you had ten minutes to shop. While I was on line waiting to get in, I was watching the people to make sure items that I wanted would not sell out before I got into the section. People were taking much longer than ten minutes but they did stick to having ten people in at a time. What they had left by the time I got into the section were the Silk-blend Velvet pants in black and green, one Striped-Silk blouse, the Ribbed Bandeau Top in white and black (which is still available online), the Small Suede & Leather Clutch in red and green, and Rhinestone Earrings. Still quite a few items left, for it to be almost five hours into the event and other stores selling out in a matter of minutes. Before I got there I already had a feeling  of what I was probably going to get because online only the clutches and bandeaus were available. I knew I might get the red clutch and the white bandeau and that is exactly what I got!


More gifts!  When I went to purchase my two items and they give me this huge black and gold bag that says Balmain x H&M and a garment bag. This was an exclusive for those who purchased items from the collection.  Even though I purchased two small items, I got the big shopping bag and a FREE garment bag! I needed a garment bag and now I have a Balmain one! I also got to keep the hanger that said Balmain x H&M. Basically I got souvenirs for participating and purchasing exclusive merchandise!

FullSizeRender (21)

Problem! So I tried on the size two and four in the Ribbed Bandeau Top. The size four kept falling down so I brought the size two. I got home and tried on the size two again. I wore it around the house and sent pictures to my mom so she could see it. We both realized that it did not fit correctly. Even though it was the correct size around my body it needed more fabric to cover my boobs (as you can see in the picture above). It was like when you buy a bra that fits correctly around your body but the cup size is incorrect. The size two was for girls who did not have any boobs at all. No wonder there were so many left. I debated whether or not to keep it. When I debate whether or not to keep an item that I just purchased it is not a good sign. So the next day I took it back for a full cash refund, since I returned it within three days. Overall I was lucky to have such a great experience while others at very popular locations did not. I am very happy with my clutch (I got genuine leather and Balmain for less than $40) and delighted I got at least one thing from the collection! Let me know you guys’ experiences if you went and I will be putting up a makeup explanation for my very pink look later on this week!

~Kay ❤


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