My New Read! The Love Playbook: Rules For Love, Sex, and Happiness by Lala Anthony with Karen Hunter


Hey Kaytures! I just finished Lala Anthony’s book The Love Playbook: Rules For Love, Sex, and Happiness and I liked it. It came out over a year ago. It was number one on Barnes& Noble and a #1 New York Times Bestseller. I wanted to get it as soon as it came out but I totally had forgotten about it. When I heard she published a second one it reminded me that I had to read the first one. I checked it out of the library back in July and just finished it this past weekend. I know you are probably thinking it must be long but no it is a relative short 230 page book. I have been so busy that I have not been reading it. Usually I just return books when the due date arrives and I have not been reading it but I really wanted to finish this one, so I kept renewing it.

It is a very easy read. I finished the last one hundred pages in one day! If you like Lala Anthony or have watched her show La La’s Full Court Life then you will like this because she tells stories about her childhood, her life being a mother, and wife to NBA player Carmelo Anthony! hen she talked about putting the book out on the show I knew then I wanted to read it.

I particularly like the fashion on the cover. She’s wearing a red blazer, a plain white tee shirt, light washed jeans, and a simple patented leather pumps. The look is simple yet very dressy and the color scheme of the book jacket which seems to be red and white, with a little black writing. Anyone can pull the look off I cannot wait to replicate it and show you guys!

Anthony breaks down the chapters in the book like a playbook hence the name “the love playbook”. If you have played on a sports team or if you are into sports you know hat that is. For those ho do not know hat that is, it is a book of planned plays that the players will execute during the game. In each chapter she gives you lesson while applying it to an aspect of her life now or her childhood. She even explains how she met Carmelo ad gives her part of the “Honey Nut Cheerios” incident. She provides her opinions and vies on certain relationship situations. I liked her opinion on what happens if your significant other cheats. She was completely honest and real while still being respectful towards women who may have a different opinion or made a different choice.

The main theme of the book is love yourself first. Almost after every life lesson she displays how loving herself helped her or if she had loved herself more then she would have made a better choice. Along with loving yourself she also incorporates basketball or uses basketball as a metaphor to her messages to the reader across. She emphasizes that all decisions are on your own terms!

If you are a tomboy or were once a tomboy you will definitely relate to this book. Anthony explains how she was a tomboy that played basketball, knew how to dress hen the time was right, and was the only girl in her group of friends who were all guys. This was definitely my favorite part of the book because it felt like I was reading about myself.She is identifiable and I cannot wait to get her second book The Power Playbook from the library!


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