My New Game Discovery! Covet Fashion!


Hey Kaytures! Lately I have been playing this game Covet Fashion. It came out in 2013 but I just got it and I am addicted to it. I have been playing it everyday ever since I downloaded it from the app store. It is a fashion styling game that can be played on your phone or tablet.

IMG_5938 IMG_5937

You  can change your model’s skin tone, hair, and makeup! It offers you a lot more options as you achieve new levels. I am currently on level 4 about to go on to level 5! Which I am excited about because then I will be getting new hairstyles and makeup looks. The level goes up as the value of your closet goes up. So to get to level four I had to have a closet value (the amount of money the clothes in your closet adds up to) of $25,000. Every item you use in the game can actually be purchased in real life and the prices are relatively the same! The bad thing is that most of the items are expensive. So if you really like an item that you have brought and styled for your model they give you the link to where you can actually purchase the item! I have found items that I really like but I have not found something yet that I really want to purchase since most of the items are over $100.  When I do purchase an item I will let you guys know.

IMG_6449 IMG_6450

So how do you get the money to purchase clothes for your model, you ask? Well, you enter challenges. Above I have a couple of screen shots of my most recent challenge. I have to basically style a look for an Italian vacation but I have to use particular items (a polka-dot dress and Dolce Vita sandals). Since I already owned a pair of Dolce Vita sandals in my virtual closet I just put them on my model, added a bag, some jewelry, and purchased a polka-dot dress. I get some extra points if I use unworn clothing, clothing from the current season (Fall 2015), and if I borrow an article of clothing from my facebook friend’s closet. Since I do not have Facebook I cannot receive that bonus. Upon submitting my look I get $100 but entering cost 25 tickets. Every challenge entry can vary between costing 15 tickets and 25 tickets.


The voting! When you vote you receive tickets. When you get tickets that allows you to enter more challenges.Other members of the game vote on the looks you produce and that’s how they gain their tickets for their challenges. When the voting on the challenges are done you get a rating. If you’re rating is over 4-stars then you get a prize of clothing and diamonds!

The only bad thing about the game is that it sometimes crashes. They have been making more improvements. You also have to make sure your internet, 4G, and LTE connection are optimal. If not it will take an eternity for the clothing to load because there are so many pieces to choose from. Otherwise a good game! Let me know your experiences with Covet Fashion!



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