My Rainy Day Make Up From Deals! My first time using B.B. Cream!

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Rise and Shine! I woke up this morning and realized the night before I had used the last of my shower gel and I needed to get more. Hmm.. I should go back to Deals to get myself some shower gel since I have the day off and its only a dollar but I definitely will not be getting the one that I just finished, it only lasted 2 weeks and did not create a lot of lather. I need to start my blog today and I feel like doing my own full glam makeup today eyelashes and all. I should try some Deals makeup, I thought to myself and that is when I began to get excited. I could write my first blog post on Deals makeup! It has been raining all day in New York City but  I knew that was not going to stop me from getting shower gel, glamming up and taking some SELFIES!  After my two favorite morning shows The Wendy Williams Show and The Real I got dressed, did my hair, and ran down to Deals in the pouring rain. After a quick stop at Starbucks for my usual Caramel Frappe with extra Caramel I could not wait to get home and try out my new products!

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(left to right are the products I used from Deals!)

  • Sassy+Chic B.B Beauty Benefit Creme Medium 1 $1
  • L.A. Colors Loose Shimmering Eyeshadow BES401 Honey Suckle $1
  • L.A. Colors Loose Shimmering Eyeshadow BES403 Lollipop $1
  • L.A. Colors All-In-One Makeup Stick BP435 Pink Satin $1
  • L.A. Colors Liquid Eyeliner BLE430 black $1

Sorry that the receipt is wrinkled I tend to scrunch up receipts and just throw them in my purse. As you can see everything I brought from Deals was $1 so this look was an extremely affordable look for the most part. Aside from my foundation, blush/ bronzer & eye shadow primer- everything was $1!

At first I thought this look would be a disaster because everything was so cheap! Turns out it came out to be perfection! This look was a really bright pink Barbie look especially for Halloween coming up. If you do not like Barbies or pink then this look is not for you. But perhaps you are looking for makeup on a extremely strict budget then this post is for you. Just change up the colors, which is what I will be doing in the near future. I have done an ombre eye shadow with a tan going into a pink. I have a pink lip with a really bronze cheek to highlight my forever appreciated cheek bone, cheeks, and dimples (which I will be speaking about in a later post).

This was my first time ever using any sort of B.B Cream. Surprising, right? Especially when I’ve gotten my makeup done multiple times at various fashion events and photoshoots. The B.B. Cream bottle was similar to the L’Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream bottle. I opened the bottle and saw that it was very PALE! I thought I may have gotten the wrong color for my skin tone. Then I checked the bottle again and it did say medium. I just squeezed some out and applied it to my face. It was still too light so I was beginning to get scared that I wasted money on this product. Even though it was only a dollar I would have been heartbroken if I wasted a dollar (they don’ t call me Ms. Money for no reason). As I kept applying it, it began to oxidize and it started to match my skin tone. It left my skin really smooth and it had a very light coverage. I could still see my freckles but my under eye was slightly a tint lighter. It just looked like a naturally enhanced version of my face without makeup. After the B.B. Cream I applied my go to foundation KAT VON D Lock It foundation. It glided on smoothly. I did not have to spend as much time as I usually do making sure it was on my face evenly. It was like the B.B. Cream was a face primer. I will definitely be using this for my daily but not really daily make up routine (I do not wear makeup everyday).

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I love the EYESHADOWS!!! They were both so deeply pigmented. They last long especially on top of a good eye shadow primer. I was a little shaky on the eye shadow because I have often had bad experiences with eye shadow even with a good eye shadow primer under it. Some eye shadows are not deeply pigmented and very pale or sometimes the colors just do not go well with my skin tone. While in the Deals makeup section I was trying to decide whether to get something new or go with the E.L.F palette which I’ve had many bad experiences with because they are usually too light and pale. I am glad I tried something new because I got the total opposite! I definitely will be going back to get even more colors.

Only problem I had was with the All-In- One Make Up Stick. It tends to look different colors in different lighting. As you can see in the following .gif in some pictures my lips look pink, in some they look metallic purple. The lipstick is really a nice matte pink. I would not use this lipstick for a photo shoot but I would wear it on a day I knew I would not take any pictures because I would have no clue what color I would get in the picture.


Products that I used that I already owned:

  • Kat Von D Lock- It Foundation $35
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer $20
  • Elf Sunkissed Glow Bronzer $2
  • Robe by Oscar De La Renta

-Kay ❤


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